A hill between Pisa and Volterra

Leave the Volterrana road to take the cypress tree-lined white avenue that goes up the hill and after driving through a thick woodland, you will arrive opposite the stone steps that lead to the old farmhouse. Welcome to the Fattoria Fibbiano.
Enjoy 360⁰breath-taking views from where we are, on a hilltop overlooking the Era valley, just a short distance from the village of Terricciola, between Pisa and Volterra in the green heart of Tuscany. Set in a stunning, totally restored farmhouse from the 1700s, you will find a warm welcome at our agritourism with a pool and winery. The Fattoria Fibbiano estate covers an area of approximately 90 hectares; white country roads and tracks run through its woodlands, vineyards, olive groves and its fields of wheat and sunflowers. You can relax and enjoy your stay, as you are close to some of the most beautiful historic towns in Tuscany; San Gimignano, Volterra, Siena, Lucca, Pisa, Firenze, San Miniato, Lari, Vinci and Calci just to mention a few.

An agritourism in Tuscany.

The building is split between the comfortable holiday apartments, the communal areas and our own rooms. Three generations of our family live at the Fattoria Fibbiano: grandparents, their children and their grandchildren and let’s not forget Pedro and Olivia, our two friendly golden retrievers. The large vaulted living room on the ground floor provides a warm welcome at meal times as well as during the many recreational activities which we organise for you. In summer we offer themed dinners on the panoramic terrace, and take full advantage of our old wood-fired oven, using only locally-sourced produce and traditional cooking methods. You can enjoy relaxing in the sun by the pool overlooking the valley. You can taste our wines, our extra virgin olive oil and our traditional dishes. You can even learn how to prepare these dishes thanks to the cookery courses offered by our excellent authentic Tuscan chef. We are open all year round. Here you can taste the flavours of every season and, if you wish you can work too: if you come at the right time of the year you can have a go at olive picking or grape picking. And if you have any spare time on your holiday, you can go jogging with Pedro and Olivia.

Eco-friendly Agritourism

Respecting our local traditions and culture has always been our mission. While striving for innovation, we believe these are our heritage and we know they are reflected in everything we do.

The Cantoni family

The history of a place and the people inhabiting it. The Fattoria Fibbiano farmstead dates back to 1707, but only became a key part of the farm’s history three centuries later, in 1997, the year in which Giuseppe Cantoni decided to go back to Italy after a long career abroad in business in order to return to his family roots: the Cantoni family have been farmers for generations, in other words, forever. Giuseppe, with his wife Tiziana and sons Matteo and Nicola, began scouring the Tuscan countryside in search of the right place. When he saw the Fattoria Fibbiano there was no doubt in his mind: from that moment on, their new life began. A simple life, lived to the full, characterised by silences, passion, close to nature and the purest of things, far away from the noise of the city. The renovation work began and with great effort and commitment, the farmstead became what it is today, a home and a dream come true: a successful agritourism and flourishing wine-making business, which is run according to the local traditions, yet is ready to embrace new challenges.