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The Cantoni family

The history of a place and the people inhabiting it. The Fattoria Fibbiano farmstead dates back to 1707, but only became a key part of the farm’s history three centuries later, in 1997, the year in which Giuseppe Cantoni decided to go back to Italy after a long career abroad in business in order to return to his family roots: the Cantoni family have been farmers for generations, in other words, forever. Giuseppe, with his wife Tiziana and sons Matteo and Nicola, began scouring the Tuscan countryside in search of the right place. When he saw the Fattoria Fibbiano there was no doubt in his mind: from that moment on, their new life began. A simple life, lived to the full, characterised by silences, passion, close to nature and the purest of things, far away from the noise of the city. The renovation work began and with great effort and commitment, the farmstead became what it is today, a home and a dream come true: a successful agritourism and flourishing wine-making business, which is run according to the local traditions, yet is ready to embrace new challenges.

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