The Company


Our ideas and dream: "Real Tuscan Wine"

“It all starts from the vineyard, its position, the composition of the soil and the characteristics that make it special and unique. Then there is human intervention whose role is to enhance, to complement, to strengthen and to emphasize a sense of belonging.”

“Quality is created in the vineyard. This is the fundamental principle of all the work we as a family put in. The Fattoria Fibbiano is a business created by people, and wine is the beating heart of our business.”

“We have always believed that in order to improve the land it was necessary to grow autochthonous grape varieties. We started by reviving the vine varieties with which we now produce our ageing red wines, such as Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, and Colorino and all those with which we produce our white wines, such as Colombana and Vermentino.”

“Choosing the vines was not difficult: within the estate there is a vineyard which is over one hundred years old, one of the oldest vineyards in Terricciola, from where the mother plants of all the vineyards growing in our estate today were selected.”

“We follow the dream of local people: Real Tuscan Wine. We are not trying to desperately follow the current trends. On the contrary, we believe that the market has broadened its horizons and that today’s consumers are willing to taste and appreciate something unique, which originated and only grows in a particular place. It is to be enjoyed, like a book that tells you the story of a land and the people who live in it.”

“We regard ourselves as guardian wine-growers. Winemakers have responsibilities towards certain vine varieties, which are a heartfelt and true expression of the land. The secret is not to follow market trends, but to support and to promote the region with its unique potential and to make it known to the entire world, for what it is, in all its power.”